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Explore the faraway shores of some of the world's most fascinating northerly countries on a cruise holiday like no other. When you embark on a voyage with the Hurtigruten Cruise Line you can expect a warm, friendly and informal atmosphere onboard the ship, with elegant décor inspired by local arts and traditions. The cosy cabins all have en suite facilities and upgrades to superior rooms are often available so do not hesitate to enquire when booking. At each port of call you are free to disembark and explore the towns and fishing communities or you can take advantage of some of the exciting excursions that are offered, allowing you to immerse yourself in the stunning scenery and captivating wildlife.

Hurtigruten Northern Lights

The Aurora Borealis are natural phenomena that have captivated the eyes of many a traveller who has sailed across remote Arctic waters. Cruise with Hurtigruten to see the Northern Lights over some of the world's most intriguing and historically rich towns and cities, which are embraced by snow-clad peaks and beautiful coastline. This magnificent display of ghostly lights governs the inky skies and casts peaceful shadows across the landscape. Although their presence is not always witnessed by expectant travellers, on a Hurtigruten Northern Lights voyage you will be guided to some of the best vantage points in Scandinavia. Clear night skies that are free from the glare of artificial lights make the best conditions for onlookers to behold their splendour.

Hurtigruten Arctic Cruises Mighty glaciers, wild polar bears and the mesmerising Northern Lights are just three of the awe-inspiring sights that you can see on our epic winter cruises, which sail to some of the most remote regions of the world. From the wilderness of Spitsbergen to the craggy Norwegian coastline, breathtaking landscapes provide incredible backdrops to all of our Hurtigruten Arctic cruises. Excursions can be added to our Norwegian cruises, each gives you a chance to learn more about the cultural, natural and historical highlights of the hamlets and cities that you visit. You can go hunting for King Crab or enjoy more leisurely pursuits such as city and cathedral tours. Take a look at the wide range of different itineraries below to find out about the excursions that are available on each cruise. Hurtigruten Holidays

Browse a wide selection of extraordinary cruises which visit some of the most dramatic places in the world including Spitsbergen and northern Norway. The mesmerising sights that make our Hurtigruten holidays so popular include the endlessly fascinating Northern Lights, the magnificent fjords of Norway and Europe's wild polar bears. Whether you travel in winter, summer, autumn or spring you will witness an array of unforgettable landscapes and wildlife which is still wild and untouched. There is a large range of Hurtigruten holidays to choose from including specialist voyages such as the Northern Lights Festival Cruise, which only depart once or twice a year. These cruises include talks from renowned guest lecturers or visit special events. To find out more about these and our classic cruises take a look at the Hurtigruten holidays below.

Hurtigruten Discount For the opportunity to enjoy an incredible cruise amongst the breathtaking scenery of places like Norway, Greenland and Spitsbergen for a reduced price, keep an eye on our special offers which sometimes include a Hurtigruten discount. Cruising around this part of the world offers up a wealth of delights, from majestic fjords and incredible wildlife to awe-inspiring wonders like the Northern Lights and the Midnight Sun. Past Hurtigruten discount offers have included free flights, added days onboard a cruise and a percentage knocked off the final price, making these holidays even more tempting. Booking early can often secure you a Hurtigruten discount, contact our travel advisors to see what offers are available on the dates you are planning to depart. Hurtigruten Special Offers Our cruises explore some of the most incredible destinations in the world, including Norway, Greenland and Spitsbergen. We often have a selection of Hurtigruten special offers on cruises in these destinations, making our holidays even more tempting. Depending on the time of year and the place you decide to visit, you could experience awe-inspiring natural phenomena, fascinating wildlife and dramatic fjords. Many cruises also give you the chance to disembark in both remote rural areas and bustling cities to give you an insight into the location. So whether you want to look for the Northern Lights in Norway, wonder at mighty glaciers in Greenland or view majestic polar bears in Spitsbergen, there could be a Hurtigruten special offer to apply to your holiday. Hurtigruten Norwegian Coastal Voyage

Our cruises take you close to some of the world's most beautiful landscapes, which are overflowing with majestic fjords, fascinating wildlife and historic cities. A Hurtigruten Norwegian coastal voyage is the perfect way to become acquainted with all of the delights of this part of the world, including mysterious natural phenomena like the Northern Lights and the Midnight Sun. In the summer no other ships take you closer to the fjords whilst winter cruises give you the chance to indulge in a snow-covered winter wonderland. Several voyages explore Norway's rugged coastline as well as the enchanting towns, villages and cities along the way, with many stopping in destinations between Bergen and Kirkenes. View our selection of coastal voyages below.

Hurtigruten Offers Whether you are looking for a chance to see the mesmerising Aurora Borealis or to explore the majestic fjords of Norway, take a look at our constantly changing selection of Hurtigruten offers for a great deal on your holiday. From the remote region of northern Norway to the white wonderland of Antarctica, our cruises take you to some of the world's wildest and most beautiful locations. A variety of wildlife also inhabits the waters and places that the cruises sail to, including the kingly polar bears of Spitsbergen, Sea Eagles and walrus. Hurtigruten offers on selected voyages often include early booking discount, free cabin upgrades and reduced prices. To find out about all the latest deals call one of our travel advisors or take a look at the latest Hurtigruten offers on our website. Hurtigruten Norwegian

Blending the astounding backdrop of Norway's rugged coastline with a relaxing and informal journey aboard an outstanding cruise ship, it's no wonder that Hurtigruten Norwegian voyages are some of our most popular holidays. Each seasonal change brings new sights to this remarkable country, which means that whichever time of year you decide to travel you can be sure of an unforgettable experience. In the summer months on a Hurtigruten Norwegian voyage the 24 hour rays of the Midnight Sun offer fantastic day long sightseeing, whereas the winter months offer guests one of the best possible chances to see the breathtaking Northern Lights. Combine these sights with an array of optional excursions, incredible wildlife and superb accommodation, and a Hurtigruten Norwegian holiday is truly unforgettable.

Hurtigruten Winter Cruises

Embark on a unique adventure and enjoy a holiday exploring the coast of Norway. Sail the tranquil waters of the Arctic on one of our Hurtigruten winter cruises. View the wonderful white landscapes of Norway with its mountainous scenery and pine strewn coasts. Relax in comfort onboard one of the well equipped ships and perhaps join your fellow passengers in the restaurant or bar to discuss the day's excursions. There are many optional trips to choose from with the Hurtigruten winter cruises and you may wish to visit the hamlets and towns and sample local culture during your holiday. Become enveloped in the delicious wintry atmosphere from the deck of the ship or recline in the warmth of the panoramic lounge.

Hurtigruten Ships

Explore the spectacular coast of Norway and marvel at the extraordinary combination of verdant forests and rugged facades of dominant cliffs. Aboard the Hurtigruten ships you will sail through temperate waters towards historical destinations, which are abundant with interesting places to visit and exhilarating things to do. Cruise among fjords and enjoy the habitat of polar bears that wander amidst the landscapes of Spitsbergen. The MV Polar Star is a spectacular Hurtigruten ship and will take you on a fascinating tour of magnificent Arctic territories. Spitsbergen is home to over 3000 polar bears and other species of incredible wildlife. Cruise by snow-powdered mountains and colossal glaciers on this specially designed Hurtigruten ship, which cuts effortlessly through icy waters enabling it to explore areas other ships may find difficult to reach.

Hurtigruten Travel to Norway

The fascinating mysteries of the Arctic coasts and the astounding landscapes they possess are all explored on a cruise with Hurtigruten as we travel to Norway. You will visit Troms which is a city bursting with culture and vibrancy. This destination is renowned for sightings of the Northern Lights and you may be fortunate enough to witness this palette of colours as they are strewn across the skies. The ethereal nature of this city by night will envelop you as you embark on your journey with Hurtigruten and travel to Norway. During the day you can enjoy dog sledding and exhilarating rides on snowmobiles, travelling through beautiful landscapes and exploring this fascinating area of northern Scandinavia.

Hurtigruten Voyage

Marvel at the wintry wilderness of the Norwegian coast and sail through crystal waters on a Hurtigruten voyage to view the wildlife of Spitsbergen. Explore the charming city of Troms and search the night sky for the fascinating colours of the Northern Lights. Continue to Honningsv g where you will be surrounded by the magnificence of the cliffs which dominate the landscapes and pierce the waters to rise over 300 metres above the sea. Enjoy the cruise as you sail through beautiful isolated wonder on a Hurtigruten voyage. Wander the town of Kirkenes, perhaps participating in one of the many optional excursions available. When you travel with Hurtigruten, your voyage can be filled with exciting activities such as snowmobiling and dog sledding or more relaxing past times onboard our wonderful ships.

Norway Fjords Cruises

Explore some of the world's most awe-inspiring scenery with a cruise along Norway's rugged coast. We have a selection of cruise holidays in Norway that run throughout the year, taking in impressive cultural sights and incredible natural landscapes. In summer, our Norway fjords cruises take you closer to the fjords than many other cruise lines, as the ships we use have been specifically designed to navigate the narrow waterways of Norway. The fjords are truly spectacular, even more so in summer when the Midnight Sun shines down on them for up to 24 hours a day. The natural phenomenon of the Midnight Sun enables holidaymakers to witness the mesmerising scenery all day and all night long if they so wish. As well as the remarkable fjords, picturesque waterfalls and fascinating wildlife add even more sights to our Norway fjords cruises, which you can view below.

Hurtigruten cruises in Norway

With endless views of a picturesque coastline, amazing optional excursions and stylish and comfortable accommodation all included in one holiday, our fantastic range of Hurtigruten cruises in Norway attract travellers year after year. Take a spectacular voyage north or south between Bergen and Kirkenes, discovering charming cities and historic towns, or choose to take a full round voyage and explore the ports previously passed at night during the day time. You can be guaranteed a wealth of diverse scenery and wildlife on your journey, from breathtaking fjords and glaciers to an array of bird colonies and marine species. Another allure of our Hurtigruten cruises in Norway is the opportunity to experience unforgettable seasonal sights, such as the captivating Midnight Sun and the legendary Northern Lights.

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